West Side Grows Together works to attract new businesses, support existing businesses, and make the West Side a destination. Business owners have indicated that their top priority for the West Side is clean and safe streets. In 2016, West Side Grows Together was granted $25,000 through the Neighborhood Building Blocks Fund. Fifteen businesses received security cameras, covering a range of 15 square blocks. Click here for the full report. Businesses appreciated the added security, and many also have expressed a need for physical improvements to their exteriors. In 2017, again with the support of the Delaware Economic Development Office and Neighborhood Building Blocks Fund, we received $100,000 to help businesses improve their facades, as well as install security cameras to keep a safe, clean, and attractive appearance to our commercial corridor.

The Facade Improvement Program offers matching grants between $1,000 – $20,000 per facade, for businesses located on Lincoln or Union Street between Lancaster Ave & 12th St. These funds can be used for improvements to facades, signs, awnings, lighting & display windows. Proposed projects are submitted to and reviewed by West Side Grows Together (which includes a design committee), who make the final decision to award any grants. Grants will be awarded on a first come, first served basis to those who are ready to proceed, have their monetary match, design and have pulled permits for construction.

The Business Alliance Security Camera Program provides grants to businesses within the West Side to install security camera systems, making these areas safer for shoppers and the community. Through the program, the Business Alliance awards applicants with 100% of the total cost of eligible new or upgrades to security camera systems, including cameras, recording equipment, and installation, for a maximum reimbursement of $1,800. The digital camera system must meet certain minimum standards and cameras must be installed on the outside of your business building.

More information & applications for both programs can be requested by contacting:

Anthony deFiore

adefiore@westsidegrows.org or call 302-293-5057