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West Side Grows Together is a network of people, institutions, organizations, and businesses that have believe in our neighborhood and want to play a role in bringing about a positive future for our community. Whether you have an hour, an afternoon, or more, there are many ways for you to make a difference.

howdoigetinvolvedLove to garden? Upset about vacant properties on your block? Eager to turn your neighborhood park into an asset, not a problem? We hope you will check out the “Projects” section of this website to find something that interests and motivates you, and click the Get Involved button.

If you have a strong interest in any of our five focus areas: Community Pride, Businesses and Jobs, Opportunities for Youth, Parks, Community Gardens, and Housing, you can join a Working Group focused on that area to help guide and coordinate a range of efforts related to that topic.

If you are part of an organization, church or other entity that is based in the West Side and you would like to play a bigger role in neighborhood revitalization efforts here, you may want to consider joining the Steering Committee, which meets every other month to review progress and set priorities for the entire West Side Grows Together initiative.

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