Creating a hopscotch court at Father Tucker Park


During the development of the West Side Plan, residents identified park improvements as one of the highest priorities. Since then, West Side Grows Together has worked to build a powerful movement to take back West Side’s parks, many of which were underutilized and crime-ridden due to lack of maintenance.

West Side Grows Together recognizes that improvements to our parks helps to:
•    Create safe, fun and healthy places for children to visit and play
•    Enable residents to develop a sense of pride in their community via personal engagement throughout the entire process
•    Improve the overall health of our children by providing equipment to increase physical activity
•    Engage residents in the design and equipment selection
•    Enable residents to see that the new playgrounds will have a lasting and positive impact on their community. Park improvements are a visible sign of progress to the West Side of Wilmington


Promote Stewardship
West Side Grows Together supports “Friends of Parks” groups at every major park in the West Side: Tilton Park, Cool Spring Park, Judy Johnson Park, Fourth St. Park, Connell St. Park, and Father Tucker Park. Volunteer group members maintain the parks by picking up trash, trimming bushes, and establishing personal relationships with park maintenance workers. This effort has greatly reduced crime, littering, and disorderly conduct taking place in West Side parks.

Activate Parks
West Side Grows Together partners with residents and organizations to increase usage and interest in the parks with:
•    Park Clean-Up Days
•    Special Events  such as:
o    An Easter Egg Hunt at Tilton Park with the City Church of Wilmington.
o    Halloween Party at Fr. Tucker Park
o    Fall Festival at Fr. Tucker Park with the City Church of Wilmington
o    Art in the Parks at various parks with the City of Wilmington’s Summer in the Parks program.

Improve Park Infrastrucure
West Side Grows Together is partnering with the City of Wilmington on the renovation of Fourth St, Connell St. and Father Tucker Parks. For more information, see the Community Playground Design Project. Renovations are expected to be complete in 2016.

Next, we plan to work with Friends of Parks groups at  Judy Johnson Park, Tilton Park and Cool Springs Park to bring about physical improvements identified by community members there.


In 2015, Cornerstone engaged over 200 resident leaders who contributed more than 1300 volunteer hours in park improvement activities. Working with Friends groups as well as in collaboration with partner organizations, Cornerstone also organized 15 events in West Side parks in 2015, engaging over 3,000 participants of all ages and backgrounds in positive activities, including music events, arts projects, and a farmers market.

Interested? Contact westsidegrows (at) gmail.com or call (302) 658-4171.