West Side Grows Together is guided by a Steering Committee that represents a broad range of community stakeholders including West Side residents, civic associations, neighborhood planning councils, institutions, and businesses.

The Steering Committee meets every other month to prioritize projects, track plan implementation milestones, and coordinate the activities of the various partners leading each initiative. Steering Committee members are:

  • Be Ready CDC: Pastor Lottie Lee Davis
  • Clara Zahradnick, Resident
  • Peter Spencer Family Life Foundation, Henry Smith (President, West Side Grows Together)
  • Westside Coalition: David Gwynn, President
  • Woodlawn Trustees: Vernon Green, Vice-President
  • WSFS: Jeff Graf (Vice-President, West Side Grows Together)

The Steering Committee has established five Working Groups: Economic Development; Housing; Parks and Gardens; Community Pride; and Youth and Education. The Working Groups coordinate implementation efforts in that focus area.

To assist with these tasks and maintain the high level of community engagement established through the planning process, West Side Grows Together is supported by implementation and outreach staff who are supervised though Cornerstone West CDC with oversight from the Steering Committee. Contact them at westsidegrows@gmail.com.