West Side Grows staff

West Side Grows is staffed by Cornerstone West Community Development Corporation staff members.

  • Paul Calistro

    A nationally recognized leader in social services, community redevelopment and non-profit management, Paul Calistro has served as Executive Director of West End Neighborhood House since 1991. He also is the founder of Cornerstone West Community Development Corporation and has been its President and CEO since 1999. Mr. Calistro has more than 30 years of community […]

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    (302) 658-4171 ext. 107


  • Garrison Davis

    Garrison Davis is one of two Public Allies for West Side Grows Together. He hails from Middletown, DE, but has lived on the West Side of Wilmington for almost two years. Before that, he attended the University of Delaware, majoring in Organizational and Community Leadership. During his time at West Side Grows, his focus will […]

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    (302) 658-4171 ext. 185


  • Emory Marshall Jr.

    Emory Marshall, Jr. is a Public Ally at West Side Grows Together.  He is a graduate of Delaware Technical Community College with a major in Human Services.  As a native Delawarean, he has a passion for engaging in this community, and bringing a positive change through actions and deeds. Emory participates in community organizing through […]

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    (302) 658-4171 ext. 185


  • Vanity Constance

    Vanity Constance is  the face of the positive change that a committed and passionate young person can make in a community that hungers for visible young role models. Through meaningful events, focus groups and planning committees, she has brought together more than 800 people, building community in the City of Wilmington and throughout Delaware. She […]

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    (302) 658-4171 ext. 185


  • Yolanda McCoy

    Ms. McCoy oversees community outreach and engagement. Her duties include: building relationships within the community, strengthening the Friends of Parks Groups, organizing events, identifying partner organizations, and volunteer recruitment. Ms. McCoy has more than seven years experience volunteering and working with youth in local community and healthcare organizations.  Working on resident surveys as part of the creation […]

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    (302) 658-4171 ext. 186


  • Sarah Lester

    Sarah Lester is Cornerstone West CDC’s Economic Development Manager. She is responsible for coordinating Cornerstone’s commercial district revitalization program. Sarah has cross-sector experience growing businesses and coordinating networks, events, and resources to strengthen communities. A native Delawarean, Sarah spent several years in Rhode Island working for a food hub where she managed all aspects of the farmers’ […]

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    (302) 658-4171 ext. 184