The West Side is experiencing an art infusion by local artists. West Side Grows Together (WSGT), in collaboration with the Nemours Foundation and the Wilmington Renaissance Corporation, have implemented two mural projects on the West Side in the past month. These newly painted images have injected a fresh sense of life and color into a community increasingly on the rise.

Fourth Street was identified in the West Side Revitalization Plan as a gateway to West Side neighborhoods and downtown, and critically important to the health of the West Side. In addition to the remodeling of the 4th & Rodney St Park, which by itself has brightened the neighborhood,,, the Nemours Foundation and the This is Our NeighborGood campaign have continued their commitment to healthy lifestyles and active living by funding the inspirational 4th St Mini-Murals project. With the support of the City of Wilmington,West Side Grows Together was able to work with local artists to decorate traffic control boxes at four major intersections along 4th St, including a control box directly across from the brand new 4th & Rodney St Park. The artists, Smashed Label, JaQuanne Daniels, and Food Stamp 302, decorated each box with images depicting healthy lifestyles, ranging from physical activity and exercise, to healthy foods and relationships.

In addition to the Electric Box Project, Smashed Label and another local artist, designed and installed a mural on the busy corner of Lancaster Ave & Franklin St.West Side Grows Together and the Wilmington Renaissance Corporation brought local residents and community leaders together to brainstorm concepts for the mural and inspired the final image of a community of different ethnicities of people coming together to share a meal. The mural was installed in late June and will be celebrated in the coming weeks with a community feast at its location.

Inspired by the community’s desire for large impact public art projects and beautification of the West Side’s commercial and cultural corridors, West Side Grows Together hopes to engage a future generation of citizens to take pride in and ownership of their neighborhood. For additional information on these projects, check out “New Mural in West Side Seeks to Inspire Neighborhood” and “Wilmington Street Art Sparks Pride, Healthy Habits.”