The West Side is a youthful community where 1 in 3.5 residents is under the age of 19. Many of us believe they are not getting the preparation they need to thrive as adults.

For example, many of the public school options available to West Side students do not meet acceptable performance levels and have not so far been able to ensure that all students gain the skills they need to gain employment in a world that increasingly requires not only a high school diploma but also education and training beyond high school.


Students at the Freedom School

West Side Grows Together focuses on connecting neighborhood youth with positive opportunities both in school and out to inspire them and unlock their potential to become leaders in their community and set them up for success in life. Through an active Youth and Education Working Group, we:

  • Advocate for high quality neighborhood schools
  • Develop youth leadership and youth-led change projects
  • Support and expand existing youth programming  to ensure youth have the skills to thrive in a global economy
  • Develop new programs to connect youth to each other and the broader world

To get involved, contact or call (302) 658-4171.